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Entertainment Rating:  Four maple leaves  Educational Rating:  One half maple leaf

Zombies!!!Zombies is a fun way to waste a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon. This is a tile based board game where you move your ‘Shot Gun Guy’ through a zombie infested city with the goal of being the first to get to the helicopter or achieve 25 zombie kills.

A random tile is laid by each player at the beginning of their turn so it is never the same game twice. There are action cards which can help you such as ‘The keys are still in it’ which gives you a car to increase your movement; and there are cards like ‘Your shoelace is untied.’ that you play against your opponents to slow them down or down right screw them over.



Zombies game cardIn addition there are now 9 expansions to this game some of which can be played on their own such as Send in the Clowns (yes creepy zombie clowns) and those that need the original to play like Corpse; which add military enhanced zombies that are faster and harder to kill. The expansions are salutes to various zombie based and horror movies. As a final coupe de grace the twisted minds at Twilight Creations made the ultimate companion to Zombies!!! called Humans!!! now you and your friends can go head to head as either the flesh eating monsters or the surviving humans.



Zombies game card 2Over all this game is almost a zero on the education scale but it is a hoot to play and is ever changing. The makers of the game encourage players to twist the rules and come up with their own variants.

Check out the series of this game at Twilight Creations website here.

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