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Entertainment: Two and one half maple leaves  Educational: Four and one half maple leaves

If you haven’t seen this show, watch it. There are 23 episodes which ran on OLN, Discovery, and Discovery Science. Each episode features Les Stroud; A.K.A Survivorman; in a different survival situation. He has survived for 7 days everywhere from the middle of the ocean to the Canadian Arctic. I have seen every episode of Survivorman as well as several of the additional special episodes that he did after the series ended. Les Stroud is heralded as one of the world leaders in survival. I think the most interesting part of every episode is when he has to light a fire. He has lit a fire with everything from a .22 rifle to rubbing two sticks together.

Survivorman scores high on education but only average on entertainment because show itself can be a little dry at times, however Les does a fairly good job of narrating each episode. This is one of the most educational show’s on survival that I have seen. And you will never see Les drink his own urine. Unlike a certain American, survivalist.

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