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Severed: Forest of the Dead

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Severed: Forest of the Dead

This is only the second Canadian made zombie movie I have seen. Unfortunately it is no where as good as Fido. The concept is somewhat different in that the zombies originate from genetically enhanced tree sap. This is probably why the movie was advertised as an eco – horror.

The basic story line is that a multinational lumber corporation is cutting trees in a remote B.C. Forest and they are being harassed by protestors who have been sabotaging equipment and spiking trees which eventually leads to a lumberjack being injured and infected with the genetically enhanced tree sap. This is where the fun starts with the zombies. The injured lumberjack turns and attacks his would be helpers infecting them. The story is old and tired. There are a couple of twists but nothing too amazing. The acting is mediocre at best, with small name actors, the biggest name I recognized was JR Bourne from Stargate SG-1 fame. On the plus side there are decent special effects with lost of gore.

Don’t poo poo this movie right away based on my opinion though. I read a number of reviews from real people (not movie critics) before I wrote this. The impression I got was that people either loved or hated this movie. Give it a try and see what you think, then let everybody else know your opinion in the forum.

Educationally there really is nothing to learn from this movie. As I said earlier it was advertised as an eco – horror and I think the message they were trying to get across are the dangers of GMO foods. Considering the topic comes up time and again in the movie I think they at least achieved that goal.

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