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Rule #1

Rule #1By now we all know about the rules from the movie Zombieland. In this movie the main character ‘Columbus’ tells us about his rules for surviving zombieland the first of which is ‘cardio’. We are told that having excellent cardio is the key to surviving a zombie apocalypse because you will be able to outrun any of the flesh eating maniacs chasing you if you have good cardio. This is a good point, if you can out run something it can’t catch you and hence it can’t eat you.

Recently I ran my Canadian Forces fitness test (which I passed if anybody is interested) which has a fairly heavy cardio component to it in the form of a 20m shuttle run. Google it. I thought after the test and during my subsequent trips to the gym just because I can run for a good distance at a decent speed doesn’t necessarily mean that I could out run zombies and survive or for that matter would I have the endurance I would need to get out of an extremely dangerous situation in a disaster situation?

My thought process went something like this…. I have to get out NOW. I grab my bug out bag and run for it. I go to the gym on a regular basis and I run and average between 4.5 to 6KM/hour for a minimum of 30 minutes at least 3 times a week. That’s not overly fast but it is a good steady pace for a good amount of time. Now if I had to do this over rough terrain with a bug out bag on my back could I do it? And I had to be honest with myself and say no. My bug out bag weighs anywhere from 10 to 15 kg. That is a fair amount of weight to be carrying on your back trying to move quickly across any terrain and I could not imagine trying to move through a forest or marsh or through a decimated city for very long at a quick pace carrying that amount of weight.

I spoke to a few of my shipmates that came from the infantry and they told me that the infantry does not run with their ruck sacks which weigh up to 50lbs. But they do work in the field on a regular basis with their normal gear where they have to run jump dive and do whatever else needs to be done. I can tell you that I have worn a scaled down version of the field combat gear and having something like that on you while trying to do anything is much more difficult and tiring than you would think.

Overall through my experiences and speaking with people who have done it, I don’t think any of us who are not special forces in a military force or para military force actually realize how difficult it will be to run for it when TSHTF with all of our survival gear on our backs. Now add to that the stress of out running a forest fire, flood, or a horde of flesh eating monsters and I think that your personal reserves may be drained a lot quicker than you think.

I would recommend for anybody who isn’t already on a physical fitness program speaks to their doctor as soon as possible and have him or her set you up on not only a cario – vascular routine but also a strength building routine. This will not only benefit you when the dead rise, allowing you to out run the masses of creatures bent on turning you into their next meal but it will also have quick and great benefits for your health, both mentally and physically.

Just remember the next time you are looking in the mirror admiring your figure, or physique to ask yourself… Are you prepared?

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