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PontypoolThis week I found another Canadian made zombie movie called Pontypool. It is not your typical zombie movie in that there are very few zombies actually in it. And the zombies are not traditional.

The movie follows a crew in a radio station in the small northern Ontario town of Pontypool as they struggle to figure out what exactly is going on outside their radio station. The movie takes place almost entirely inside the radio station and as I said before you rarely see the zombies throughout the movie. Its not until near the end the whole story is revealed and we discover the cause of the infection and how it is spread. Some of you may debate whether this counts as a zombie movie once you see it but I think it qualifies since the infected in the movie display most of the traditional zombie symptoms.

This is an intense psychological thriller and not your typical zombie movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend that you find this excellent Canadian film and watch it.

Once again there really is nothing new to be learned from this movie as far as survival or zombies is concerned. It does however reinforce some of the cardinal rules, such as keep quite. (Spoiler Alert: Keeping quiet is really important in this movie)

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