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The Founder

The founder of the Zombie Preparedness Organization of Canada; Patrick; is in his 13th year of service with the Royal Canadian Navy. During this time he has been back and forth across Canada several times visiting 8 provinces, traveled to 16 different countries on 5 continents, sailed the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans becoming a Shellback, member of The Order of the Suez and the Magellan Society. He has served in Somalia, Haiti, the Caribbean and Persian Gulf.

Through his travels he has been to some of the dirtiest, nastiest, and poorest nations in the world including two different war zones.  He has seen abject poverty that most people in the western world could not even imagine. However he has also been to and seen some of the most beautiful and amazing locations the world has to offer such as the Acropolis in Athens, the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia.

In short Patrick has seen the best and worst of humanity and what this world has to offer as well as  the awesome and terrifying power of mother nature up close and personal.  He has seen what men can achieve when working together as well as how brutal we as a species can be to each other.

All of these experiences has led Patrick to develop a belief that at some point; either through our own actions or that of mother nature that we will all be forced to survive on our own without the benefits of government or technology. It was shortly after living through hurricane Juan then shortly followed by White Juan in Halifax that Patrick began developing his survival plans for disasters. These plans quickly expanded to include survival of a zombie apocalypse.

His enthusiasm for zombies then quickly took over rekindling a love of the undead; and zombies in particular; that he gained in his younger years while playing Dungeon’s & Dragons©.  Patrick was instantly fascinated with the undead; the idea of a creature that could infect other people, withstand massive amounts of damage and keep on coming at you both enthralled and terrified him. How do you stop something like that, how do you kill something that is already dead?!

It was just a game though, right? But what if it wasn’t, what if some how these creatures were real? These are the thoughts that over the years have given Patrick many sleepless nights as a teenager, young man and yes sometimes even now as a husband and father. However it is not ghosts and vampires that he thinks about, it is zombies.

Patrick’s enthusiasm for zombies has lead him to become a member of the Lost Zombies site contributing several works to that project, most notably the creation of the Canadian Zombie Defence group which included the introduction of a Canadian time line; which unfortunately has been removed from that site as of late.  He is also a life time member of the Zombie Research Society and owns an ever growing library of zombie themed literature, games and movies.

The modern zombie was introduced to the world in George Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead’. What the world saw were relentless eating machines bent on devouring the entire human race. Ever since then every time they have reared their ugly undead heads it has meant the end of civilization as we know it. Over time zombies have evolved to become even more frightening with the advent of fast and living zombies such as those in the remake of Dawn of the dead and 28 Days Later. These evolutions lend credence to Patrick’s belief that the zombie apocalypse is possible. He subscribes to the growing belief that we are only one mutation away from this horrific event.  He often says that all it would take is for a scientist somewhere to splice the wrong gene in the wrong place or the wrong section of the rainforest to be cut down releasing a virus or bacteria into the atmosphere that has been trapped there for a thousand years.

So why the Zombie Preparedness Organization of Canada? Patrick decided to start ZPOC (Zed Poc) mostly because in all the zombie related media that he has gone through he found that Canada is almost completely ignored by everybody. Which means that most of the information out there on survival of a zombie apocalypse; although good; is not geared in the least towards Canada or Canadians. Which in some ways is a mixed blessing as far as Patrick is concerned, because once again Canada is being ignored or relegated to the back benches when we should be taking the main stage.  With Canada’s geographic location, changing seasons and massive natural resources Canadians are in a very positive situation when it comes to surviving a zombie uprising or any other disaster be it man made or natural.  On the other hand, he says, it is a good thing to keep all of our benefits quiet so we can keep them for ourselves.

Patrick’s goal with this site is to engage Canadians in constructive dialogue concerning zombies and survival of the coming apocalypse as well as to educate Canadians on surviving disasters and emergencies of any kind whether they are man made or natural.

As the site grows there is also the hope that this site will become an open forum for Canadian artists of all types to display their work knowing that it will be seen by others who will understand them and their unique perspective on the world as fellow Canadians.