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Entertainment: one and one half maple leavesEducational:

DoomedThis movie is pretty much not worth the DVD it is printed on. The whole concept is borrowed from other movies and reality T.V. (which I hate). Basically eight criminals are dropped on an island then told this is their chance to win their freedom. Sound familiar? It should if you have ever read Stephen King’s the running man; which was poorly adopted to film in the eighties.

I could let this movie go if it was at least entertaining, but really it is not. The characters are poorly developed and not likeable at all. The special effects are mediocre at best, and the dialogue is full of cheese.

Educationally I gave this movie 1/2 maple leaf because I don’t have a zero rating…. I’m thinking I should make one after seeing this waste of time, energy and money.


You could rent or down load this movie if you can find it and have an hour and half of your life that you don’t want back. But I wouldn’t make the same mistake I did.


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