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ShadowSpawn 6 years ago.
funny little clip
ShadowSpawn 6 years ago.
Hey check out this site http://www.emergencyinfobc.gov.bc.ca/zombie-preparedness-week-are-you-ready.html
6 years ago.

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ShadowSpawn 6 years ago.
sry did not enbed the link to the artical correctly - my bad
ShadowSpawn 6 years ago.
Wow had a family get to gether on Saturday and bbq'd Kirkland hambugers from Costco. No big deal till i read the post on Hugh Ground Beef Recall! they may be part of it http://www.edmontonjournal.com/health/Meat+products+recall+concerns+Alberta+Beef+Producers/7269274/story.html So now i get to call everyone and check in:{ Fun stuff shoul;d have read the post first. BTW the news store is dated 2 days after the BBQ
ShadowSpawn 6 years ago.
Has anyone seen Resident Evil 5 yet? any thoughts?
ShadowSpawn 6 years ago.
The Divide is a great movie about the issues of leting others into your shelter
ShadowSpawn 6 years ago.
Great site! Lots of interseting info
staphbloom 6 years ago.
gonna try my hand at some undead art at some point
A_Tailor 6 years ago.
still feeling my way around the site when i have time,...
QuincyFreal 6 years ago.
Preparing for the Oncoming Zombie Apocalypse, are you?
navypat 6 years ago.

I am we all should be.
Wifey 6 years ago.