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The Walking Dead

Entertainment Rating:    Educational Rating:  This ground breaking TV series aired for the first time on AMC Halloween night 2010 immediately setting ratings records that sent other networks scrambling to find a zombie themed series of their own to pit against it. Based on the graphic novel series written by Robert Kirkman and penned by

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Zombie Survival Guide

Entertainment Rating:     Educational Rating: Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide has become the ultimate guide to zombie survival. This is another must have for any zombie enthusiast. Brooks goes through step by step on how to survive a zombie uprising everything from basic supplies to the best weapons to use when facing down a hungry

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Night of the Living Dead

Entertainment Rating:     Educational Rating: What kind of a zombie site would this be if the first item reviewed wasn’t George A. Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead. This movie terrified audiences everywhere when it introduced the world to flesh eaters. Done on a shoe string budget the movie’s special effects are surprisingly good

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