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New Bath Salt Zombie attacks

There has been two more ‘bath salt zombie’ attacks.  Here are the links to those stories.  I have to ask… Why the hell do people continue to do this to themselves!? Irish Central The Inquisitor   Share

Flood Season

The CBC is reporting that there are flood alerts through out Southern Alberta, and the Ontario government has just declared Thunder Bay and the surrounding county a disaster area due to flooding.   The links to the stories are at the bottom of this post. Floods are one of the worst disasters possible for the people

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Bath Salt induced Zombie attacks

Hello from Sunny California! It seems that I couldn’t have picked a worst week to be out of touch than last week!  The news is littered with stories of insane and very frightening attacks that are far too close to zombie attacks for my liking, bath salts or not.  I’ve listed a couple links below

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The coming zombie apocalypse isn’t the only reason you should have a bug out bag; just ask the people in this Alberta town.  You never know when or why you will have to get out of Dodge in a hurry. Albert forest fire Share

E. Coli outbreak in NB

An E. Coli out break in New Brunswick is suspected to be caused by a food source, read the full story here.   Food and water infections seem to be growing in frequency.  Could this be leading to something bigger?  Sound off in the forum, and let other ZPOC members hear what you have to

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Tornado in Japan

A Tornado ripped through an area near Tokyo today.Tornadoes are probably the most frightening of all natural disasters.  Seeming to form out of nothing and giving little warning.  With winds in excess of 200kph they cause massive amounts of damage and countless lives every year.  Although they are normally short lived the effects of their

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Zombie bees abandoning hives

What if a parasite like the one infecting bees were to begin feeding on humans?   Would it lead to a zombie apocalypse, or would it just mean millions of people just wandering off and forgetting their lives? Share