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Ottawa Zombie Walk

Ottawa’s annual zombie walk not only raised the dead it also raised donations for the local food bank.  You can see the full story here on CTV.ca Share

Hurricane Sandy

Looks like members on the east coast may be in for a bit of a rough ride in the near future.  Check out this story from The Weather Network.  Are you prepared?   Share

Huge Ground Beef Recall

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued a recall on ground beef from XL Foods Inc. of Alberta under the brands Safeway, Calahoo meats and Kirkland Signature on Sept. 16 due to suspected Ecoli contamination .  Today they expanded that recall to include retailers in Eastern and Atlantic Canada.  If you have bought ground beef under

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Brain Eating Amoeba in Your Tap Water?

It wasn’t long ago I saw an episode of the medical drama ‘House’ where a patient had contracted an infection from using a neti pot to treat his sinus infection.  I thought oh yeah right.  Well in another amazing instance of life imitating art or vise verse depending on how you look at it; the

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Norovirus Closes Two Halifax Restaurants

Here is an example of how quickly a virus can spread.  Two restaurants in Halifax were closed this week due to a Norovirus.  Thanks to quick actions by the owner and local health authorities the outbreak was limited to the restaurant employees and several customers.  You can read the full story on CTV News here.

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Three Food Born Diseases in the News

While browsing the news sites today I came across three, count them three stories about contaminated food.  All three links are below to each of the stories.  But this is just too much, it seems to me that stories of contaminated food are becoming all too common, This time people have died.  Maybe we should

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Calgary getting ready for Zombies

A graphic designer by the name of Tara McLaughlin has organized Apocalypse Wars: The Running Dead.  This event is not only helping Calgarians (is that what they are called?) prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse, it is also raising money for charity.  You can read the full story here. Share

Climate Change Giving Parasites a Hand

Studies in the U.S. are showing that climate change is making parasites more virulent and deadly.  Read the whole story on here on CBC. Share

The Americans are Coming!

Things are bad financially in the U.S. right now and have been for some time. Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s numbers show that Americans are coming to Canada in near record numbers to escape the financial woes of the U.S. If this is the case during a recession can you imagine what it will be like

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Apartment Fire

And just on the heels of the blog post on bugging out a picture was sent to CTV News by a viewer of an apartment fire.  I personally have been roused out of my bed in the middle of the night while living in an apartment because of a fire in another unit.  If you

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