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Brain Eating Amoeba in Your Tap Water?

It wasn’t long ago I saw an episode of the medical drama ‘House’ where a patient had contracted an infection from using a neti pot to treat his sinus infection.  I thought oh yeah right.  Well in another amazing instance of life imitating art or vise verse depending on how you look at it; the FDA released a report on Naegleria fowleri also known as the Brain Eating Bacteria.  As it turns out this bacteria can get into your brain by hitching a ride from your tap water to your sinus cavity via a neti pot.

I just have to wonder how much of a mutation it would take for this bacteria to turn from a brain eater to a brain controller turning its victims into mindless monsters wandering the streets in search of another brain to infect.

You can read the full story on CTV.ca

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