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Civil Disobedience

Originally posted March 18th 2012 By now you’ve probably all heard about the party that got way out of control in London, Ontario last night. Last nights incident in London probably started out as a few St. Paddy’s day revelers that were a little over zealous and grew into something that had a life of

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Dress for Success

Originally published March 12 2012 Spring is upon us and we are all itching to shake off the winter blahs and come out of our hibernation. Warm days and cool nights tend to make Canadians a little bit wacky. This happens in the spring and the fall. In the spring we want to get out

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Know Your Flora

Originally posted March 4th 2012 Last weeks blog talked about building a library filled with books that you can use to learn trade skills such as electrical, carpentry and gardening. These will all be extremely useful after the SHTF and you are left to fend for yourself. Gardening in itself can keep a family of

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Knowledge is Power

Originally posted February 26th 2012 Recently I saw a National Geographic special called the 2210: The Collapse. This was an interesting take on the situation the world is in now, where we could be headed and compared it to past civilizations that disappeared such as the Roman Empire, and the Mayans. What I saw is

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Practice Makes Perfect

Originally Posted February 19th 2012 This weekend I set up my archery range and got out the coconut head that I made placed it on its tripod and pulled out my bow. I then proceeded to shoot at it from various distances for the next two hours. The result was less than impressive. Although I

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Do Un to Others

Originally published February 12th 2012 If you are a religious person you are probably thinking of the verse from the bible that says do un to other as you would have done to you, or something like that. Everybody would like to think that for the most part people are decent and will help others

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Stock piling

originally posted February 5th 2012 Yesterday I watched Spike TV’s Surviving Disaster: Pandemic. You can read my full review of that episode and the series in general in the reviews section of the site. The one thing that really struck me about this episode was the fact that in the scenario that they depicted the

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Zombie bees abandoning hives

What if a parasite like the one infecting bees were to begin feeding on humans?   Would it lead to a zombie apocalypse, or would it just mean millions of people just wandering off and forgetting their lives? Share

Night of the Living Dead

Entertainment Rating:     Educational Rating: What kind of a zombie site would this be if the first item reviewed wasn’t George A. Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead. This movie terrified audiences everywhere when it introduced the world to flesh eaters. Done on a shoe string budget the movie’s special effects are surprisingly good

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How would the Canadian Government Respond to a zombie outbreak?

Some one asked me recently how I thought the Canadian Government would respond to a zombie outbreak. This person felt that I would have a more realistic view on this because of my job. I do have some knowledge and experience with regards to the Canadian Forces response to emergencies and I could go on

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