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Buggin Out

As of today, there are forest fires burning all the way from the Yukon, through northern Alberta and into central Saskatchewan. There are also isolated fires in Quebec and Northern Ontario. As recently as June of this year flash flooding devastated Sicamous, British Columbia. If you are in any of these areas you may be

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New Bath Salt Zombie attacks

There has been two more ‘bath salt zombie’ attacks.  Here are the links to those stories.  I have to ask… Why the hell do people continue to do this to themselves!? Irish Central The Inquisitor   Share

Rob Sacchetto Joins the ranks of ZPOC

Most of  you probably recognize the image on the main page.  I myself have seen it on many occasions on the web but I never knew who created it.  This past week however I was lucky enough to find and contact Rob Sacchetto.  He is the creator of this excellent depiction of the Canadian flag. 

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Flood Season

The CBC is reporting that there are flood alerts through out Southern Alberta, and the Ontario government has just declared Thunder Bay and the surrounding county a disaster area due to flooding.   The links to the stories are at the bottom of this post. Floods are one of the worst disasters possible for the people

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Juno Beach

I know this isn’t zombie or survival related but it is a very important day in Canadian history.  It was on this day 68 years ago that 15000 young Canadian men stormed the beaches of Normandy along with the British, American and other allied nations to invade Nazi held Europe.  In the end Canadian soldiers

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Bath Salt induced Zombie attacks

Hello from Sunny California! It seems that I couldn’t have picked a worst week to be out of touch than last week!  The news is littered with stories of insane and very frightening attacks that are far too close to zombie attacks for my liking, bath salts or not.  I’ve listed a couple links below

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I have to go away for a bit.

I had to let you all know that I have to travel for the next little while for work related reasons.  I will do my best to keep the site updated but I can not promise it will happen on a regular basis.  Stay tuned I will be back.  In the mean time pull up

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Severed: Forest of the Dead

Entertainment:  Educational:   This is only the second Canadian made zombie movie I have seen. Unfortunately it is no where as good as Fido. The concept is somewhat different in that the zombies originate from genetically enhanced tree sap. This is probably why the movie was advertised as an eco – horror. The basic story

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Escape Routes

According to the newest studies Canada is beginning to suffer from the ‘doughnut’ effect. This is a way of describing how the population is situated though out the country. Basically it means that much of the population lives within 100 km of a major metropolitan centre where they work but that metropolitan centre has very

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The coming zombie apocalypse isn’t the only reason you should have a bug out bag; just ask the people in this Alberta town.  You never know when or why you will have to get out of Dodge in a hurry. Albert forest fire Share