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Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies

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I had the pleasure recently of watching this fun and interesting take on American Civil War history. I enjoyed this movie all the way through, probably because I really liked watching a the legendary Abraham Lincoln chopping the heads off of zombies. I don’t even want to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter now; not that I ever really did. This movie is just plain fun and interesting to watch. One of the best aspects of the movie is how they worked actual historical figures in to the plot such as General Stonewall Jackson and John Wilkes Booth. Although there are some issues with the filming methods and some of the acting is not what you would call star quality but I can over look these short comings just because the movie is entertaining.

Educationally, the movie really has nothing to offer with exception of the standard keep quiet and don’t get any of their blood in your mouth. Of course there is the American History aspect as well.

Overall this was a good movie and entertaining enough to hold my attention for the duration. I would recommend this movie for any zombie night you have coming up.

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