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When the dead rise Canada will be in a very strong but precarious position. The vast unpopulated and open spaces will provide Canadians with plenty of places to escape while slowing the spread of the flesh eating hordes. Canada is also blessed with massive amounts of natural resources and plenty of good farm land to sustain the population. But its best and probably most important defence against zombies is the long harsh winters that Canadians have not only come to endure but have embraced on many levels. All of this combined puts Canada and Canadians in one of the best positions for survival and rebuilding once the hordes have been brought under control.

However Canada’s position is not very secure mostly due to the fact that in most zombie groups Canada is viewed as an excellent place to run to. This is a very popular belief that is held by many zombie enthusiasts. The idea of hopping into a boat, car, plane or whatever other transportation that can be commandeered then heading for Canada is heard time and again in zombie discussion circles. When you take this kind of thinking into account with the fact that Canada shares the worlds longest unprotected border with the United States; which houses approximately 330 million potential zombies; it poses a major threat to Canada in a zombie apocalypse.

When TSHTF Canadians can expect wave after wave of terrified, cold, and infected refugees flooding across that border bringing hordes of decaying, shambling corpses in their wake. This will inevitably lead to an accelerated destabilization and collapse of the finite resources and services available to Canadians. To delay or possibly even prevent this Canadians need to be prepared. Not only for the coming zombie apocalypse but also for any other disaster that may befall them; whether it be man made or natural.

Through out their history Canadians have proven that they are a resourceful and tough people in overcoming challenges given to them time and again such as Queenston Heights, Vimy Ridge, Battle of the North Atlantic. And more recently the Red River Floods in Manitoba, the ice storms in Ontario and Quebec, hurricane Juan in Nova Scotia, and Afghanistan. The unfortunate truth is that with the political instability in the world and continuing climate change Canadians are most likely going to continue to find themselves thrust into these dangerous and unexpected situations more and more often.

Whether it is zombies knocking at your door, a man made or natural disaster you should be able to ask yourself Are you prepared? And answer an emphatic YES! If this is not the case ZPOC (Zed Poc) wants to help. The weekly blog will give you tips on how to prepare and the community of fellow zombie enthusiasts always has lots of good ideas to help you out in the forum as well. There is also a list of news stories to help you keep up to date on what is happening across the country and around the world.

Finally don’t forget about the video and picture galleries filled with submissions from ZPOC members and Canadian artists. All of which provide a uniquely Canadian perspective on zombies and the world around us.

Enjoy your time with ZPOC and take as much as you can from the site and community, and always remember the ZPOC motto:  Are you prepared? If you ask yourself this on a regular basis and use the resources available to you here you will greatly increase your odds of surviving the next emergency or disaster that you face.